My daughter would never have been accepted to her school if it hadn’t have been for your help….

            When I asked my son where he learned the most this year, he said, “The Essay Workshop I did over the summer.”

            You have a heart for our young people and it serves them generously…

            To say. “We couldn’t have done without you” is an understatement….We really value the calm evaluation of situations that were completely foreign to us.  For that, we know we are extremely fortunate to have your contribution and, above all, wisdom.

            Your support and guidance were invaluable. Although I teach English and was therefore “qualified” to help my son with his essays, it was better for both of us that he worked with you. He got into the college he wanted, and our relationship is intact!  Your first-hand knowledge of so many colleges and universities helped broaden and enrich the list my son developed with his high school advisors.  The college application process is daunting enough but when you add athletics, it’s overwhelming….Due in large part to your guidance, he will be attending a school that provides the academic, athletic and social opportunities that he wanted.


             All of your strategies, tips, and lessons really did give me a leg up when writing my essays and choosing where to apply.  I’m so happy to have gotten into UCLA with all your help!

            ….I really enjoy working with you.  You are so kind, thoughtful and welcoming….

            ….I really appreciate everything you taught me and helped me with over the course of a few months (including when you taught me to never use the word “really”;)).  It was and still is…so nice to see you, as you have such a calm and relaxed energy that immediately puts me at ease….

             You consistently gave me useful and critical feedback on all my college essays, supplements, professional emails and athletic resume and cover letter…..Thank you for being such an amazing college counselor and friend…

             I don’t know who could have helped me better. You’ve motivated me to do my best and your support boosted my confidence.


            ….It is clear that Linda listens well and has a strong grasp of college information. Students respond very positively to her. I cannot recommend her too highly….